What is Ruthu jathaka?

Horoscope is usually cast by the birth time of a child and predictions are based on the planetary positions in their natal chart. But for a girl, the predictions are done mostly by looking at their Ruthu chart otherwise called as Ruthu jathaka.

How is Ruthu chart cast?

Puberty or Menses is a physical change in the constitution of a girl. The girl is said have attained Ruthu when she gets her first menses. Ruthu chart is cast based on the planetary positions during her first menses.

What effect does it have on a girl?

Life of a girl changes completely after her puberty. She gets all kind of feminine qualities only after Ruthu. She looks at the world and people around her with a different mentality. Beside this a new way of life is destined for her after her puberty.

How do birth chart and Ruthu chart differs?

Birth chart of a girl reveals entire destiny of the women. Ruthu chart reveals only about the marital life, children, happiness, longevity of husband, conjugal bliss and the character of the native.

Ruthu chart can reveal very well about the marital life of a girl better than the birth chart. After the Ruthu chart is cast, prediction from an astrologer can be had only about her marital life, Kalathra dosha and Mangalya dosha if any. Any steps for marriage should be taken only after doing proper Remedies.

But this chart cannot be used for determining any karmic problems, assets etc. this chart stops working after menopause (end of menses)

Shall I use Ruthu chart for marriage match making?

No. Only birth chart should be used for marriage match making. If Ruthu occurs on auspicious time she'll have a very happy marital life even if she has any kalathra dosha (marriage blemish) in her birth chart. If she gets Ruthu on inauspicious time then her marital life will not be peaceful. She might face lot of problems with her spouse.


Happiness in marital life can be achieved by properly following the suggestion given by vedic shastras. One should take advice from a good astrologer by properly casting their birth horoscope and Ruthu horoscope and do the remedies where ever needed before her marriage. Then, Proper marriage matching such as a) birth star matching (10 porutham), b) mars dosha considerations, c)kalthra dosha considerations, d) mangalya dosha considerations e) dosha samyam should be done. After the marriage, proper Muhurtha for Nishekam (first sexual contact) should be chosen.


Though the horoscope is cast in the same way as for men, predictions vary for women in few aspects due to their anatomy and life style differences. By anatomy, breasts and ovary are indicated by the fourth and fifth house of the female horoscope.

5th and 9th house: (conception and children)

Children are indicated by the 5th house for a male. For a female 9th house indicates children, 5th house indicates conception and abortions. A woman becomes childless if the 9th house is seriously affected. Any malefic planet in 5th house creates ovary problems. Rahu in 5th house creates minute germs in the ovary which eats away or harms the ovum or embryo and disturbs the conception of the baby. Mars in 5th house creates more heat in the ovary and spoils the conception by hurting the embryo. Saturn in 5th house fills up the ovary with vayu (gas) due to its vatta nature and prevents the floating of sperm cells in to the ovary. Ketu in 5th house damages the tissues of the ovary delays the conception of baby.

5th and 9th house of the female should not be affected by any malefic planets to have a healthy delivery of child. Proper remedy should be done if the 5th and 9th house is affected in order to have a healthy baby.

7th and 8th house: (husband and marriage)

7th house is called as the kalathra sthana. 7th house indicates the characteristics of husband, position of husband, happiness and sexual pleasure. Any malefic planet in 7th house creates kalthra dosha and spoils the above said qualities in the life of women. A girl will get a good husband and have a good conjugal life only if the 7th house is not affected by malefic planets like mars, Saturn, Rahu and ketu. In case of kalathra dosha, proper remedy should be done in order to have a good husband and to maintain good relationship with him.

8th house is called as Mangalya sthana. 8th house indicates the marital tie and the longevity of the husband. Any malefic in 8th house creates Mangalya dosha. Mangalya dosha will spoil the marriage life either by separating husband and wife by sending someone away from home or by divorce or by giving death to the husband. It is highly recommended to perform some remedy before the marriage in case of mangalya dosha.


Marriage should be arranged for a girl only after following proper remedies if the Ruthu of a girl has occurred on inauspicious day, thithi(lunar days), constellation, months, yogas , karanas and planetary positions

Happy future of a girl is also determined based on the clothes worn by the girl during her first menses and the person who checks the menstrual discharge in the girl.

The colour and the quality of the cloth worn by the girl during her puberty also shows some effects in her marriage life.

If a girl was wearing white cloth during her first menses she will be happy and healthy. She’ll live like a queen and be fortunate if she was wearing silk during her Ruthu. Happy and polite if new cloth was worn.

Torn cloth, red cloth, black cloth, dirty cloth gives poverty, disease, widowhood and sorrow respectively.

Hence parents should concentrate in choosing right garments and night cloths for their girl child who is about to attain puberty. White, yellow, green is best recommended for girls whose age crosses 12 and above.

Black and red should be strictly avoided.

Similarly the person who confirms the first menses in the girl also has effect on her life. Future of the girl will be good if a mangalya stri (women happily living with her husband), devadasi(prostitute) confirms the first menses. Widow, childless women, women currently in menses and the mother of the girl should not be allowed to confirm the puberty. This would make her life an unhappy one.

The girl taking mangal snan (first bath) after her first menses should look at any auspicious objects like sandal wood, lotus, mirror, cow, elephant etc

Effects of weekdays on First menses:

  • Sunday: suffers health problems, problems in progeny
  • Monday: will be affectionate and be a chaste
  • Tuesday: short marital life, ill health to husband
  • Wednesday: more children, happy family
  • Thursday: happy, good character, fortune to husband
  • Friday: will be healthy and devoted to husband and family
  • Saturday: Unhappy and vicious

Similarly Thithi’s like Chathurthi, shasti, astami, navami, chaturthasi and amavasya are inauspicious.

Stars like Puram(Pubba), Krithika, Pooradam (Purvashada), Pooratadhi (Purvabhadrapad ), Bharani, Ayilyam(Aslesha), thiruvadhirai (aridra), vishaka, kettai(jyestha), are inauspicious.

Yogas like vishkamba, ganda, shoola, vyaghata, vajra, patha, vydhruthi are inauspicious.

Karanas like bhava, garaja, vanika, bhadra, sakuni, chatuspath, naga, kimsthugna are inauspicious

Months like chithirai(chaitra), Aani(jyeshta), aadi(ashadha), puratasi(bhadrapada), krithigai(karthiga), thai(pushya) are inauspicious.

Women who have attained their puberty on the above inauspicious Muhurtha will face troubles in their marital life. The bad effects of these muhurthas can be minimized to a certain extent by doing a proper remedy recommended by our Vedic scholars.


Marriage match making is done mostly by comparing the birth star of bride and groom. Out of 10 matches made by comparing birthstars of bride and groom at least five matches such as dhinam(health and long life), gana (for dominance and peace of mind), yoni (for sexual satisfaction), rasi(progeny), racchu (longevity of spouse) should be present for a happy marital life. Apart from this, proper horoscope matching should be done based on the planets posited in 2,4,7,8 and 12th houses. A manglik should be matched with a manglik alone.


Proper muhurtha is to be chosen for nishekam (first sexual contact). The planetary position at the time when a person has first sexual contact with somebody determines the health, fortune and conjugal bliss of a person throughout their life. This rule applies even if a girl is raped or commits adultery. Any bad activity done by a woman at inauspicious muhurtha spoils her entire life.