What is Puthra Dosha?

What are the houses indicating progeny?

What are the effects of Puthra Dosha?

Planets indicating curses in our horoscope

Who is Karma Puthra?

‘Puthra’ means child. The word ‘Dosha’ has several meaning like blemish, mistake, a problem or an imperfection. Puthra dosha creates progeny problems to the native. Fifth house is called as Puthra Sthana(house indicating children). Any malefic planet in 5th house creates puthra dosha. Jupiter is the puthra karaka(planet indicating children). If the 5th lord, Jupiter and 5th house is affected by malefic planets then the person suffers due to Puthra Dosha. Puthra Dosha makes the native suffer due to progeny.

Common effects of Puthra Dosha:

  1. Delay in child birth
  2. Miscarriages
  3. Birth of female babies alone
  4. Birth of physically or mentally affected child
  5. Children become useless or helpless to parents
  6. Child doesn’t respect or obey parents

Fifth house is the Puthra sthana (house indicating children) for a male and any malefic planets in this fifth house creates Puthra Dosha (imperfection in child birth) to the native. For a female both the fifth and ninth house in the horoscope are to be analyzed for the child birth. Usually ninth house is called as Puthra Sthana for women but still, fifth house indicates the nature of womb (ovary) and conception. Any malefic in 5th or ninth house in the horoscope of female creates some problem in child birth.

Rahu in 5th house delays child birth and in most of the cases they suffer abortion if any malefic like mars or Saturn aspects Rahu. They beget only female children. If ketu is posited in 5th house, they suffer childlessness for a very long period and they may beget a male child long after 8 years of marriage. If moon or mars is posited in fifth house they beget more female children. If Saturn is posited in 5th house, they may go in for adopted child. For a perfect analysis of progeny, Rasi chart and Sapthamsa chart of both the husband and wife should be analyzed and this cannot be explained here in detail.

Also, fifth house indicates ancestral assets, love affair, luck in speculation, personal mantra favorable deity etc. weak fifth house and malefic in fifth house spoils the ancestral assets. They also face failures in love affairs. They should also avoid involving in speculation which might put them in to disappointments. Planet in fifth house indicates the type of mantra one would choose to chant and attain perfection (mantra siddhi).

It is always good if no planet occupies 5th house (puthra sthana). Even benefic planet like Jupiter in 5th house creates dosha. 5th house is also called as poorva punya sthana. Hence any malefic planet in 5th house indicates the curse we’ve got from our past lives.

  1. Planet sun indicates curse of father
  2. Moon indicates curse of mother
  3. Mars indicates curse of brother
  4. Mercury indicates curse of maternal uncle
  5. Jupiter indicates curse of god
  6. Saturn indicates curse of departed souls
  7. Venus indicates curse of spouse
  8. Rahu and Ketu indicates curse of serpents

If the fifth house and its lord is affected along with any of the above said planets, one suffers from Puthra dosha due to the curse from the past lives.

Maharishi Parasara in his jyothish text ‘Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra’ has given different planetary combinations that indicate childlessness due to the curse in the horoscope.

Karma Puthra: If the person has afflicted 5th house, then he suffers due to childlessness. But if he has a strong bagya sthana (house indicating fortune) and karma sthana(house indicating actions), then he begets a child after the age of 40. He’ll be blessed with a karma puthra (child who would performs the final rites to his father) due to his noble actions indicated by 9th and 10th house.