What is numerology?

Who developed numerology?

What numerology can do for me?

What are the different systems of numerology?

Which numerology system shall I follow?

What is numerology?

Numerology is the study of the occult or supernatural meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. A Numerologist studies the influence of numbers in your life based on your birth date and your full name.

Who developed numerology?

Numerology has been followed for thousands of years around the world. But nobody knows who actually discovered the system of numerology. According to records available Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and a philosopher who lived around 590 BC established a school in which he taught numerology among other subjects. According to him the entire universe is composed of numbers. He saw every letters and words in terms of numbers.

Though Numerology has been followed for hundreds of years, the only person who is responsible for the fast spread of numerology during the last century is William John Warner, better known as Cheiro. He was born on November 1, 1866 in Dublin, Ireland. Cheiro was a clairvoyant who used palmistry, astrology, and numerology to make accurate predictions and who inspired hundreds of numerologists and astrologers around the world.

What are the different types of numerology?

There are several types of numerology followed in different areas. But popular among them are Chaldean method and Pythagoras method.

What is the difference between Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology?

Pythagorean method is more easy to use and called as modern numerology. Pythagoras is the father of this system. This system gives a materialistic meaning and is widely followed in west. Alphabets from A to Z are allotted numbers from 1 to 9 in sequence. All compound numbers are reduced to single digits for predictions. Master numbers like 11, 22 and 33 are not reduced to single digits.

Chaldean method is harder to use and called as Mystic numerology. Nobody knows who actually taught this system. This system gives an occult or mystic meaning and is widely followed in East. Numbers from 1 to 8 are used for alphabets from A to Z and this conversion goes out of sequence. Compound numbers are used for prediction.

What Numerology can do for me?

Numerology can reveal the hidden aspects of your destiny. Your career, health, family life and your relationship with others can be predicted. You'll get to know a lot about your own self, your likes and dislikes, your positive and negative characteristics. Better understanding of your friends, lover, family members and their relationship with you.

How does it work?

Numbers have vibrations. Each number has a ruling planet and the number symbolizes the planets qualities. Number 1 holds the qualities of the planet SUN. Similarly Number 2 resonates with moon, 3 with Jupiter, 4 with Rahu, 5 with Mercury, 6 with Venus, 7 with ketu, 8 with Saturn and 9 with Mars.

Similarly every alphabet from A to Z has vibrations. A holds the vibration of sun and hence take the value 1. B has the vibration of moon and takes the value 2. Likewise every alphabet resonates with a particular planet and holds a numerical value and its characteristics.

How can I benefit from numerology?

Everybody has a psychic number, destiny number and a name number. These three numbers symbolizes the planets control over an individual.

Though you could not change your birth numbers you can change your name number by adding or deleting few letters in your name.

Numerology guides you to alter your name in Lucky numbers so that you can make a lucky future. It insists you to carry out important works on lucky dates so that success is guaranteed. You can be benefited to the level best by keeping lucky numbers for your house, phone number, vehicle number etc.

Changing name will surely bring happiness and luck in your life.

How can I choose a lucky name?

All the nine numbers representing nine planets make a mutual relationship among themselves as a friend, enemy and equal.

Psychic and destiny numbers controls the entire life of a man to a greater extent. Your luck or a failure depends on how well your name number resonates with your psychic and destiny numbers. You can mitigate the ill effect and increase the luck factor present in our birth numbers by choosing a right name.

The name number you choose should not be an enemy number to your psychic and destiny number.

Luck increases in many folds if your name number is a friendly number to your psychic and destiny number.

Which name should I use for prediction?

The name that you have in your certificates and legal papers should be taken for prediction. Calling name does have effect only on relationship level. Overall improvement in all aspects of your life can be determined only with your full name.

Which system shall I follow?

Pythagorean method gives a detailed analysis about your personality. you'll get to know more about yourself by having an analysis through Pythagorean method. Chaldean method can be used to select your lucky number for choosing mobile number, bank account number, and numbers for getting lotteries and numbers to draw luck in speculation. Lucky dates for starting new ventures, for conducting marriage and other ceremonies etc.