Head Bad Bad
Right stomach Grains
Left stomach Happiness
Right eye Pleasure
Left eye Wealth
Right ear Long life
Left ear Gain
Right wrist Unlucky
Left wrist Luck
Nail Loss
Right chest Gain of Wealth
Left chest Pleasure
Right forehead Divine grace
Left forehead Successful deed
Right spine Loss
Left spine Anxiety
Right lip Bad
Left lip Income
Right knee Loss
Left knee Bad
Right shoulder Victory
Left shoulder Bliss
Right foot fingers Bad
Left foot fingers Disease
Right hand finger Gift
Left hand fingers Worry
Right nose Disease
Left nose Anxiety
Right thigh Bad
Left thigh Worry
Right neck Enmity
Left neck Victory
Right feet Disease
Left feet Bad
Hand Bad
Genital organ Misfortune
Scrawling over the body Long life

Lizard falling on our body organs indirectly conveys our good and bad periods. If the lizard falls on the body part that indicates bad effect, immediately take bath and visit some temple near by you.